Thursday, November 8, 2007

Done with rewrite of Chapter 1

Finally, a milestone passed. This morning, with about 60-90 minutes of work, I finished the last piece of Chapter One that I felt like I needed in order to move on. It was just like I had planned--developing some elements that I think are necessary for later chapters to go anywhere.

But I'm ignoring a lot of other stuff for now. The chapter still has internal logic problems, places where the flow is interrupted, places lacking in clarity, style and grace. The structural problems are deep enough that I think it might need to be broken up into two chapters with appropriate transitions written into it and some manipulation of the pacing.

In other words, I've have made it as fully "developed" as I can--in terms of who the characters are, what they're feeling and what they might do in the situations I've put them in--but it's not as fully revised and refined as it needs to be. That's the next rewrite, I guess.

In summary: 11 actual calendar days since I started. 9 actual working days spent on it. A working day has typically involved only about 60-90 minutes of work. Overall, rewriting the chapter took about as many hours as writing it, but it's spread out over more days.

At this rate, figure about 25-27 weeks to finish the rewrite, which isn't acceptable to me. I'm going to have to pick up the pace. I'd love to get that down to 17 weeks total.

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