Saturday, November 3, 2007

Finished rewrite Chapter 1, Saturday progress

Still more progress. Stronger every day.

Worked on a Saturday morning, which is saying something. Worked about 90 minutes. The word count still doesn't add up to a lot--about 750 words this time. And I got to the end of Chapter One. In a very basic sense I did the rewrite of Chapter One. It's probably better to say "a rewrite," because I'm sure there need to be at least a couple more.

I had assumed that I would move on quickly to the next chapter without looking back, because that was the kind of behavior needed to get the first draft done. Now I'm thinking that momentum may not be so important a factor in the rewrite stage and maybe I should stick with this chapter to fix the many problems in it I'm aware of. Right now I have an understanding of it and I should probably do the work while that is front-of-mind.

I'm also thinking of getting an outside reader of the chapter at this point. Risky.

If I do these things, I'll have to be careful not to get bogged down on perfecting the chapter so much that I never move on to the next one.

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