Tuesday, November 27, 2007


More of the same today. I worked a little longer than usual--close to two-and-a-half hours. Another good thing was that after about an hour I was feeling stuck and discouraged and was avoiding writing the scene I had been circling around, but I was able to get my head back in it and draft that scene. That was writing another scene in the first hour. So I added about 1100 words in new material. I think that's a record during my rewrite process.

I'm still left with really iffy material that I don't feel very good about, but at least now I think there's more of it to analyze and respond to so I can start coming up with some practical solutions. I want to finish picking my way through the rest of the chapter first--hopefully in just one day--and then take a critical look at the whole thing and make a decision something like I did in chapter one, which is whether to go through and rewrite this chapter again to make it as good as possible or to move on to Chapter 3 for the sense of momentum.

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