Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Anticlimactic-done with Chapter 2

I'm deciding to call the rewrite of Chapter 2 finished for now, but I'm doing it with a lot of doubt. It's long and convoluted without much emotional power. It feels like I'm still trying to find the point of it and that it's cluttered up with a lot of stuff that isn't the point. But I've tinkered with about everything on my to do list for this chapter.

It doesn't help that I'm coming to the end on a day when I just plain feel terrible. Basketball last night resulted in a twist in my back that hurts like hell. And like usual I slept terrible and overslept, which makes the writing feel rushed and wasted.

Oh well. Part of the process. Chapter 2 wasn't fun work, but it was work. Maybe I'll get some better perspective on it after I work on some other chapters.

Tomorrow is probably a lost day. Counting on Friday to kick off Chapter 3 for real.

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