Thursday, December 27, 2007

Back from break

It doesn't feel like I really took that much of a break--more like a long weekend than anything. It was enough of a break though that I didn't feel on my game today, though. Just keeping the habit going without doing any real good work. About 90 minutes of work total, on two different sections of Chapter 3, none of it really amounting to much new drafting--just straightening out some transitions necessitated by changes from the original. I did set myself up for the new material I need to write to develop the chapter. I couldn't bring myself to work on it today, but hopefully when I'm fresh tomorrow I can approach it without too much fear.

I've been re-reading Madame Bovary. More on that later. I got some new books for xmas gifts, including Dennis Johnson's Tree of Smoke and Rebecca Barry's Later, At the Bar and I'm looking forward to starting those next.

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