Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The blues

Not a very productive day today, not ending with a good feeling about how it's going and all the more anxious because I know this is the last day I'll be able to work on it for about a week. Intellectually, I know the time off is probably a good thing, since I'm feeling pretty stuck, but I'm so frustrated with how slowly this is going.

I wrote--I don't know--very very little of the new material I need to connect all the dots in chapter three and then seemed to hit a block. I did a little bit of rethinking about what needs to happen and made notes on that. But I couldn't get myself to actually work on the next steps.

I can't help feeling that all the improved clarity is an illusion, since the more clarity I get the less I actually do the work of bringing that clarity to the draft.

I have to grade student papers the next couple of days. Then baking for xmas. Then traveling for xmas. Hopefully back with fresh energy next Wednesday.

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