Friday, March 14, 2008

Reorganizing and stamina

I didn't get through the end of the day yesterday before I rethought my timeline again. Still so much work to do on Chapter 1, since the changes I made have implications for the climax of the chapter. So I started the morning thinking I need to go through each chapter carefully.

As I went along I kept discovering more and more problems, but they were less in the realm of development than in the realm of organization and emphasis. I felt like attending to the fact that the chapter is about twice as long as it should be and the main stuff in it takes too long to get to.

So I started moving things around. It's more like editing than rewriting/developing. Very roughly.

I worked for about an hour and when I came up for air I had the sense that I could keep going for awhile. So now I'm hoping that at certain stages along between rewriting and fine tuning, it will involve a kind of work that doesn't take so much intellectual energy so that I can sustain the work for several hours a day and pick up the pace of progress. It has been my experience in the past with other projects, that I have much more stamina for sentence-level editing than I do for drafting. I hesitate to say when I'll be able to do that, but when that stage comes I'll try to arrange my life so that I can put in hours a day on it.

Right now I have to get to my paying job.

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