Friday, April 18, 2008

Slogging through

Progress today, but not the progress I'd planned on. I keep getting pulled toward the work of organizing the material instead of developing, and today I gave in to that. So parts of Chapter 5 are somewhat tidier--actually it was moving pieces over to Chapter 3 and weaving in the introduction of some elements earlier in the book. But the work in this chapter that is an earlier priority got postponed. I still need to make it DO something. I think I know what that something is, but it takes some intellectual and emotional energy to create, which is always scary because I'm never sure that I can do that, even though I did do that every day for five months to get the first draft written. So every time I let myself get distracted with other issues it feels like I've lost my chance for the day.

As always, I come to Friday with a vague hope that I'll be productive over the weekend, but I shouldn't count on it. So maybe I'll finish Chapter 5 around Tuesday.

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