Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sort of finished with second rewrite

I'm not calling this rewrite officially done, but I did finish going through all the chapters all the way to the end. As noted before, I left behind a trail of messes that I need to clean up, and I'm going to circle back and deal with a certain level of those that are categorically similar to the issues I've been dealing with on this rewrite--issues of confusion about what is really happening in a scene. Also some tidying up of names and geography, so this draft won't have any unnecessary, easily fixed confusion in it to distract people who help me read this draft.

This week is I slooowly worked through Ch. 15--the climax--running into more difficulty than I expected. One particular difficulty is a point where my wife noted that she didn't understand the character's behavior--which is deadly in the climax of course--but to me it's perfectly obvious and I just couldn't figure out a solution. Out of all the notes she's given me, that's about the only place I left things alone to see what another reader says.

And then this afternoon I ran through the epilogue, which is only 10 pp., and that brings me to the end.

I'll start getting my editing notes organized tomorrow and spend a couple weeks on that tidying up work.

I need to explain better what I mean by that, but I'm in a rush right now.

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