Thursday, February 19, 2009

Done with Part 1

Tough day today. I'm giving myself points for making the effort when I was strongly inclined to take a day off. No sleep last night, and up early to get the car to the shop when traditionally that kind of errand first thing spoils my writing energy for the day. I did sit down in front of it when I got home and said, "ugh," and left it for the morning, but I tried again after lunch.

So, I finished the "read through" of Chapter 8, and thus of Part 1 and thus of the original 2/3 mark in my manuscript. (It's been a while since I figured if it's still balanced that way. Let's see. Nope, the break is at about the 59% mark now. Part 2 must have had more relative growth in the last draft.) I have a feeling I'm not really done with Chapter 8. It's one of the times where I finish the chapter with some dissatisfaction that nags at me. I'll probably find myself back in Ch. 8 working on some solutions tomorrow morning.

I'm up to about 83 pp x'd out of 325. 25%. That's better than I hoped. If I keep the trend, then I would cut out 138 pp. total. However, I have a hunch that Part 2 has less material to cut. It will probably keep trending away from a 66/33 split, which was the original concept, closer to a 50/50 split. Not desirable. Hopefully I'm wrong and I'll find lot's of opportunity for cutting.

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