Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Struggling in Chs. 9 -11

Well, I had a good two-week run of progress and now I've really hit a roadblock. Still struggling with the issues in Chs. 9-11 that I noted yesterday.

Plus a new issue, actually. I'm thinking that I have to peel out one of the significant subplots that starts to weave its way in with these chapters. In retrospect, it just doesn't do much to develop the character or complicate the main story.

So, there's the problem of killing the darlings. (Naturally it's the subplot that required the most research.) And there's the technical problem of how to get it out of there without affecting some other critical piece. It's the "butterfly flaps its wings" problem.

So, that's still stewing, and I'm losing days off my timeline. Have to remind myself that the timeline is arbitrary. Slow down. Do what's right for the story.

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