Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Writing. Actual writing.

I got a late start this morning (I overslept and there's a new puzzle in the New York Times called "Ken Ken" that I've been doing.) and ended up putting in less time.

And I didn't feel like I could go on to Chapter 2 yet after all. I had to develop a scene that I had only made notes about it.

One unanticipated pleasure, since I'm working with the print-out of my draft, is that I did this "development" work with pen and paper. And development usually means drafting new material. So I was briefly back in the most pleasurable mode of the work, just like when I started almost two years ago. (Except that it's still winter and I was working in front of a sunny window instead of out on the three-season porch.)

There's still more stuff I'd like to get right in Chapter 1, so I'm torn. Do I keep plowing ahead tomorrow with cutting up Chapter 2, or do I get Chapter 1 in as good a shape as possible before going on? I'm going to have to think about it.

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