Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby steps

My pace has slowed way down. After a little bit of time on Saturday and a little bit this afternoon I'm still dealing with Ch. 12 (f/k/a 13 and probably in the future to be known as 14).

I'm implementing the plan described earlier to split it up and insert the first half into a break between the two halves of Ch. 8. So far, I've only really done the cutting and pasting. There is still a lot of the new writing of transitional and framing material that goes with that.

In real terms, it's probably only a few hours of work, but I'm feeling hesitant and doubtful and that makes me procrastinate, so I'm poking along pretty slowly. And I don't feel like I can move on to the last three chapters of the book without getting this chapter sorted out, so . . . I'm not feeling very confident about finishing the "read through" this week since I know I'm going to lose a couple days to other commitments.

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