Monday, March 2, 2009

Finally done with Chs. 9-11, combining and renumbering

Whew. I'm not feeling very confident that these chapters are good, but they are much better in some basic ways than they were a week ago.

Friday afternoon I went back to them and cranked out the changes I had prepped. That work finally trimmed the 65 pp. original for 3 chapters together by 23 to 42 pp. total. I printed them out and then this morning took another run at them the same way that I had all the previous chapters. Minimal line editing. Cut about another page total.

So I'm up to about pg. 395 of my typescript and I've cut an estimated 105 pp. Trending a little better than 25%, which would get me a 404 pg. typescript in the end if that keeps up. That's a little better than what I was hoping for in this draft--so far so good.

Here's how Chs. 9-11 are now combined. I had discussed folding the 3 chapters into 1, but I'm going halfway on that. Ch. 9 will continue to stand alone as a pretty short chapter. (About 18 pp. typed currently.) The former Chs. 10 and 11 are now combined into one Chapter 10. (About 24 pages typed.)

Therefore, what was formerly called Chapter 12, will hereafter be referred to as Chapter 11, and so on. My 16 chapter book is now 15 chapters.

Tomorrow I continue the "read through" on Ch. 11 (f/k/a 12). I'm still hoping to be done by the end of the week. Then 3 weeks to input the changes on the computer.

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