Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tiny feedback from reader

I checked in with the last reader I'm waiting on. I should have her notes within a week. And she says she's enjoying it, which gives me a little buzz.

So I'm still in waiting mode. Sometime next week I should be starting on the next draft. In the meantime, I'm just grading student papers and doing lots of reading.

I had two occasions to recollect my childhood love of S.E. Hinton books recently -- a trip to Tulsa to see family and seeing an interview with her on Nathan Bransford's blog. So I grabbed the only one that they had at my favorite used bookstore the other day, That Was Then, This is Now. The emotional intensity of it, the confusion of that moment of maturity, still feels so real. It was really meaningful to me when I read it originally, and it was interesting to live in that space again.

I started Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem yesterday, and so far I love it. Why hasn't someone made a movie of this yet?

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