Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Establishing a pattern

More of the same since yesterday a.m., which is good. I did the line editing on another chapter--a little bit yesterday afternoon and finishing up during my regular a.m. session today.

Still no word from my last reader. I'm hoping she'll have criticism of this chapter I just worked on. It felt awfully slack as I went through it, but none of my other readers have complained about it any. I was hoping to get the length down just as a matter of principle--it's one of the longest right now--and it's an awfully busy chapter with a lot of choreography to it that makes it hard for the tension to build, so I was hoping to trim a lot for that reason.

I'm on a nonfiction reading kick these days. Occasionally I get to wishing that I had got more than Shakespeare and Catullus out of my liberal arts education, so I got a stack of books from the university library to keep me busy for the summer (or until the mood passes) on economics, international affairs, mathematics and the history of science. Also my wife gave me the new biography of Gabriel Garcia Marquez the other day.

Novel #2 continues to be on my mind a lot.

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