Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Minus 8 pp. and settling into working routine

I finished Chapter 5 and got out another 3 pp. for a total of minus 8 pp., getting it down to 385 pp.

Not that page counts are the most important thing at this stage. That's just the OCD talking. Really I'm still working on the question of intention that I've been talking about a lot recently. Thinking about, chapter-by-chapter, is helping me get each chapter more focused and in better alignment with the rest of the book. Hopefully each episode feels dramatic in its own right and also develops the overall drama.

Chs. 1-4 were an anomaly in that two threads were being combined, but from here on I anticipate a regular routine for most chapters. Basically, I plan on working on a print out, making a combination of line edits and inserting new material in answer to the "intention" question. Then, contra to the last draft I moved on to the next chapter and saved for later inputting the changes into the computer, I think I'll go ahead and input the changes as I go. Don't ask me why--that's just what I'm in the mood for.

Best case scenario, that's probably two long sessions and so two days of work or one unusually long day, and I think my schedule and mood probably are going to permit some of those longer days in the next few weeks. What happened today was I did the paper read through in the morning and did the typing in the afternoon. It has been a long day, and at this rate I'll be exhausted and hermit-like and lacking any perspective by the end of the draft. This isn't healthy. And don't ask me how I'm going to earn any money like this.

On to Chapter 6 tomorrow. Here's hoping when my wife reads the more major revisions to 1-4 later this week she doesn't send me back to the starting line.

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