Thursday, July 16, 2009

Flip-flop day--Done with Ch. 14

I got my morning messed up but was able to get focused in the afternoon and, with some prep work I did yesterday, worked through Ch. 14. No radical changes and I subtracted 3 pp. It's still kind of long at 21 pp. And I'm not a hundred percent convinced that radical changes aren't still necessary. It's an odd chapter that is putting in place a lot of elements needed for the conclusion. It's hard to know how that kind of "service work" reads. God I wish I had some expert reader who could give me some perspective.

On to Ch. 15 tomorrow. Still expecting to go back to Ch. 12 when my wife has a chance to read it.

At this rate I should have "worked through" all of it by the end of next week. That's not the same as calling an official end to this draft though. We'll see.

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