Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Losing days--tentatively done with Part I

This week is going a lot slower than I expected. I gave up Monday to catching up on errands, and yesterday I got in the usual a.m. session, but got ambushed with other stuff in the afternoon. Plus, I'm not having a lot of confidence in this chapter.

I "finished" it with an a.m. session today, but I need some perspective on it. It feels too scattered. It's definitely still too long--25 pp. I'd like to get every chapter under 20 pp. in typescript, not for the sake of the overall length, which I am no longer worrying about, but for the sake of balance and because a single chapter can still drag even if the whole book is short enough.

One easy solution to the length would be just to cut out a 5 page section I indulged myself by adding back into this chapter. It was originally part of a superlong chapter in the first draft. That got broken into two pieces, lately called Chapters 10 and 12, and as noted before I ended up deleting Ch. 10 entirely. Now I'm trying to reclaim some stuff I like from Ch. 10 and re-attaching it to Ch. 12.

Overall, I guess I'm still struggling with the question of intention in this chapter. One symptom of that struggle is uncertainty about including that 5 page section. Another symptom is that I'm feeling like the climax of the chapter--which is really the climax of Part I and the nadir of the character's situation--is lacking the punch it should have.

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