Friday, August 28, 2009

What the real work is

Busy busy week tending to the business side of things -- researching and preparing for getting my typescript out there. (The new website should launch next week I think.)

That kind of work interests me and plays to be obsessive nature a little bit, so it's quite easy for me to get into it and not do any real writing. Which is OK for right now. I'm between drafts -- I should let it sit and not work on it. And working on query letters and a plot synopsis and an excerpt to put on the website is a form of working on the writing. Now that I think about it, I should cut myself some slack for god's sake. I've been writing like crazy this week.

I guess I'm feeling anxious because my motives aren't pure. I've been thinking about promotion a lot more than about making the book better.

And I'm feeling anxious because it's starting to sink in that I do need to make the book better. The most recent draft just isn't going to be the last draft. Working on the excerpt is showing me that. Every day I cut a little bit more from that small sample. I'm eager for my readers to get back to me so I can get hustling on the next draft.

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