Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I get a shout out on The Arts Council of Greater New Haven website

In a run-down of cool New Haven writer's websites, I get a shout-out from Bennett Lovett-Graff, publisher of The New Haven Review, and contributor to The Arts Council of Greater New Haven's monthly newspaper.

“Working on a Novel” is a true author’s blog, being the online diary of the trials and tribulations of one writer engaged in the tedium and exhilaration of trying to make out of a sufficient number of words that thing we know as a “novel” — a story that will hang together over the course of several hundred pages. At this author’s site, visitors will see a record of false starts and episodes of writer’s block, as well as rushes of literary inspiration and adrenaline — all familiar to those of us who have always known how much mightier the pen is than the sword — and how much more difficult it is to wield.

Thanks Bennett. Those other websites look great, too.

FYI, if you go to the original, you'll see a note about protecting my identity. That's back when I was keeping this blog anonymously.

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