Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drafting, plain and simple

Here's a picture of the new writing setup I described the other day. I like it quite a lot. It feels decedent somehow to be tipped back in a comfy chair with the keyboard in my lap. The recycled (and neutered) CPU, the new screen (very large to me but not to real technophiles) and the wireless keyboard -- a full-size and comfy keyboard that I can really jam on. (I hate the puny keyboards on laptops and I plug a full-size keyboard into my my main laptop when it's at home.)

1,500 words today. I'm getting in a rhythm over the last week. I'm not convinced I write any faster this way, but it's working for me at a basic level, and it saves the time of retyping from manuscript. I can get in the zone and create. To the extent that I don't as much as I want to, that's a problem with the book and not with my writing conditions.

I've been jumping around scenes in different parts of the book. That's setting me up for the problem that I was trying to avoid of having a first draft where it doesn't all hang together, but I can't figure out a way to keep going otherwise. I'm afraid of not keeping up some momentum and for the drafting to stall.

I might call time out soon and go back just to my opening scenes and try to revise them seriously so that anything written subsequently is drafted under the influence of what I come to know about the book through that revision. That would sitting up in a proper desk chair, though, because I'll need to use a computer mouse to do that.

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