Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Little progress today

Looking at word count, I had very little progress today. That was because I spent most of my writing time going over the same little problem a few times and writing the solution three times until I got it. The end result is a single short graf that is a good tentative solution, but it took awhile to get it done.

The problem was really one of closure on an episode before transitioning to the next one. I have lots of these in my draft I think, where I create a scene with some tension in it but I don't quite do anything with it. So I have to stop and ask myself what I'm trying to get at and what would the characters think about and do in this situation.

At this point, I'm about halfway through my Chapter One. I had the thought yesterday that maybe I could finish one chapter per week, but it's not going that way right now. Maybe if I work up my endurance to more than an hour.

I also got a late and crabby start today. Overslept and I'm very sore and fatigued from playing basketball last night and not sleeping well.

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