Thursday, November 1, 2007

More of the same today--better understanding of what it is

Up earlier and worked for one hour, ultimately adding very little in the way of word count and going over about 4 pages of typescript. There's a lot of sitting and thinking about what's wrong with what I'm looking at.

I'm starting to think of the work this way . . . There are a lot of very mechanical places in the first draft just moving my characters around, telling what they do and establishing background. Exposition really. That's the best way to put it. There's a lot of exposition. And now my work is to go through one graf after another and figure out what the opportunity for illustration, story-telling, character development, dialog and action there might be in each of these dead passages.

The habit I'm trying to develop (and to get faster and better at it) is to spot those dead spots, recognize them for what they are, spot the latent opportunity in them and then turn on the creative spigot to write new material that is better.

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