Monday, December 3, 2007

Back to chapter 2

As expected, I'm feeling like I need to revisit Chapter 2 for awhile before moving on. I put in about 90 minutes this morning do something difficult and tedious but still avoiding something even more difficult, which is figuring out something about who my characters really are and inventing new material that shows them acting like real people. In other words, going deeper and developing--in specific places, that is.

I know I'm going to lose Thursday morning to an errand, so my goal is to finish that work on Tuesday and Wednesday so that on Friday I can move on to Chapter 3. In fact, I'm hoping to be a little more aggressive today, returning to the desk to work on this some more after I get some other errands done and clear my head. I'm feeling like if I can get my head clear I can have a second session today. We'll see.

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