Thursday, January 17, 2008

Finished Chapter 4

Less than an hour work this morning, but I "finished" Chapter 4 I think. By "finished" I mean I did all the excavation and development work that I can think of and I'm ready to show it to my wife, which has become the routine. With the first two chapters, I still wasn't finished at this point because her feedback sent me to working on those chapters for a couple more days. With Chapter 3 I just took notes on her comments to circle back to in the next rewrite, which is what I hope happens here so I can push on to Chapter 5.

Like I said at the beginning, Chapter 4 is one of the strongest, which is why I got through it relatively quickly. Chapter 5 is also strong, but it is more profoundly affected by the changes in the early chapters, so the material that's there--no matter how strong it is--may not fit so much and I'm in a position of drafting new material. The whole idea of what Chapter 5 is there for--how it serves the story--is up in the air. I think it's going to be more and more like that for the rest of the book as I'm doing this rewrite. So I don't anticipate a lot of speedy work.

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