Monday, January 7, 2008

Starting Chapter 4

On Saturday I had my wife read chapter 3, and she did help identify some improvements that need to be made. On the one hand, if I don't take care of them now I risk going dead ends in later chapters on because of things in the story that I've left unresolved. But my instinct is telling me that the better bet is to leave chapter 3 behind me for awhile. I've been on it too long and have felt too discouraged about it for awhile.

Chapter 4 I think has always had the among the strongest imagery and strongest emotional whallops. When I was drafting it and I got to the climactic moment, I started crying. It was a lot like being caught up in a very emotional movie. I often have the experience when I'm drafting of being intensely in the scene, like I'm living it, but that was uniquely powerful.

Anyway, though I don't doubt that Ch. 4 needs a lot of work, I'm hoping that it will at least give me back a lot of confidence to see some strong work already laid out there.

I spent about an hour getting started on it this morning. Less than I wanted, but I have some other freelance work deadlines I need to deal with.

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