Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Suffering for sport

My regular basketball game was off for several weeks and resumed last night, so once again I'm waking up with a lot of pain and too little sleep on Wednesdays, which makes it hard to get to the writing desk.

Nevertheless, I put in about 1:15. At this rate, I should finish a complete slow read-through and tinkering of Chapter 4 tomorrow. There are some organization problems I have to circle back and straighten out. Those are annoying and time consuming, but they're not really intellectually taxing. I still feel like this Chapter is the strongest so far, so possibly it won't need any real serious thought and development and I can get past it quickly. I still haven't looked at the climax, so that's not definite.

My paying work is starting to accumulate a little more. So instead of feeling guilty that I don't work more than an hour when I have a whole morning available I might get to the point where I'm trying to protect the one hour so I can work that much.

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