Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm back

Today is President's Day, and I haven't worked at all on my book since around Martin Luther King Day. Just about 4 weeks exactly. I regretted it the whole time and worried about what it meant--if I was committed, if I would ever return.

But I'm back now. I put in about an hour this morning, mostly just going over familiar territory, but I got myself up to a point where I'll be working on the rewrite tomorrow from where I left off.

The break was the result of having a lot of other work to do. I think it was the right decision. I wasn't procrastinating. I wasn't inflating the other work. I really did need the time to concentrate on that work. It was enough that I've actually been pretty exhausted the last week.

I still have a lot of other work going on, but I'm past a bunch of deadlines (though with more coming up), but I'm hopeful that it's on a more manageable schedule. And I think the end result is that I've established things financially that will be good for the novel in the long run. So, I wish I hadn't had to be away from the book, but no regrets. As long as I'm able to maintain my morning routine now.

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