Thursday, January 31, 2008

Long interruption of work

Except for my two-week road trip last summer, this is the longest interruption in my work, and it will go on a few more days at least. I haven't been working on my book at all since, I think, the Tuesday before last.

The reason is that my freelance writing assignments have gotten out of hand. Organizing my life to allow for writing a novel depends on my protecting my mornings from appointments -- protecting it like a fierce mama duck. But that hasn't been possible. Some days I've been taking appointments that I could never have gotten otherwise and other days I was so busy with appointments in the afternoon that I had to spend the mornings writing my assignments to meet the deadlines. Worked over the weekend too.

My hope is that the assignments just happened to be piled up a little right now and when I knock off a couple I can manage the pace of them a little better so that I just stay busy in the afternoons only.

Back to teaching since last week too.

Well, I'm inclined to guilt about not prioritizing my novel, but I try to think of it this way -- one of the ways I am prioritizing my novel is to seize this opportunity to lock in some clients so that I can depend on that income over the long term.

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