Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Regular working day

I overslept and got in about 90-120 minutes of work this morning and then was interrupted by a phone call. I could have ignored it, but I don't have the discipline when I think it might be about my income-generating work.

In that time, I went through about 14 pages of Chapter 2, which is very long, so figure at least three days of work at best.

I didn't end up making a lot of changes, which makes me a little uncomfortable. Am I having trouble seeing the forest again?

It could be the necessary emphasis for this chapter won't be added so much as brought into relief by editing out what isn't necessary. There is certainly a lot of that to do.

To that end, I struck a compromise between, on the one hand, digging into the shuffling and cutting of big sections and, on the other hand, ignoring all that and staying focused on developing the work, which I promised myself yesterday that I would do. My compromise was the to start using the "add comment" feature of word and making e-notes in the margin about the shuffling and cutting that occurs to me now but that I will work on later.

I'm also indulging a preoccupation with continuity errors that is better left to later edits. e.g. I have a lot of extra characters who might be referred to as ____, as X, as Smith, as Jones or as one of a few different names I tried out for them. Those will need to be straightened out, and I've started to keep an index as I go through to track them later. Same for exposition of the geography . . . at times I have my character's house on the east side of town and at times on the north.

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