Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Done with Ch. 9, sort of

About 5 hours of work today going through Ch. 9, more or less officially finishing the second rewrite, though that's the wrong term probably. This chapter just didn't need that much work. Did a lot of paragraph shaping. There's one particular area scene that I at one time had made some additional sketches on and in my electronic draft I have had a note to myself to go back and find that other material to include. That's still outstanding because I can't find that material now. But there are no serious problems in this chapter that I can see.

I'm not going to make the mistake of saying "At this rate, I'll finish in . . ." Because the rest of it won't go at this rate. Some chapters, including the next one, don't need a lot of work so I can get through them in a day or two, and other chapters are probably going to stump me the way that Ch. 7 did.

Basketball tonight, so I'm not sure what tomorrow holds. I intend to start the rewrite of Ch. 10.

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