Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Done with Ch. 10--downhill from here

Well, basketball was VERY disruptive this week--a very painful injury of some kind to my foot that I am hoping is just a bad sprain. I'm worried that it's as bad as a fracture, but I'm waiting and seeing for now, in bed, elevating and icing it.

I guess that cut short my game enough that I don't seem so sore. Or maybe all the ibuprofen makes a big difference. I'll have to switch from that to the Tylenol I take most weeks. I think I got off it a few years ago because of some tummy irritation.

So, I got a fair amount of work done today. I could probably do more if it didn't mean starting fresh on the next chapter, and maybe I'll try after all. Today I got through Ch. 10. As expected, it was comparatively easy because it doesn't have any serious problems that I can see. I'm looking forward to have another reader's response, and I've started the process of arranging for that, but it will probably take a few months before it's done.

Next up, work that is not nearly so easy. The problems in the next couple chapters are fundamental, and I expect to be gnashing my teeth over them. It's always about imagining how the character would really act in a given situation. Which sounds easy enough, but there is always the pull of what you already have and trying to come up with a patch that will get you from the new material to the existing material when honest work demands that you forget about the existing material and just figure out what is right for the end product.

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