Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Typical day--Ch. 6

I think my work this morning is probably most illustrative of a typical day during this draft. Started about 8:30 with Ch. 6. The chapter is about 42 pp. long, In about 80-90 minutes I worked through about 20 pp. until I hit a natural break point in the story--a transitional moment in the drama of the chapter. Along the way I had cut about 4 pp. and made a lot of line edits. At that transitional moment my concentration is broken and I have a chance to notice who mentally tired I am and how tough the work ahead is going to be. I get a deep disinclination to keep going and a strong desire to check my email, and I convince myself that I've had a good session. As long as I do something else productive with the rest of the day, I can tell myself that I'm making honorable progress.

That's pretty typical. Like I mentioned yesterday, what's not typical is that I've been getting the urge to return to it for a second session later in the day, which is why I'm averaging better than half a chapter a day. As of last night, five chapters in six working day, which is what puts me at Ch. 6 this morning.

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