Sunday, March 22, 2009

Establishing chapter numbering and page counts and word coutns

Sunday morning. I'm on the computer saving a new copy of the file and getting everything in order for my fresh start tomorrow.

To clarify the chapter situation . . . after combining some and splitting up some during the read-through process, I now have 17 chapters instead of 16. Chs. 1-7 are the same as in previous drafts. From Ch. 8 on the references aren't comparable because of the combining and splitting and moving around.

That numbering includes the last short section which for the sake of simplicity I've been calling a chapter but in fact functions more like an epilogue. I suspect I'll end up labeling it an epilogue later rather than Ch. 17.

Section organization . . . Part 1 ends with Ch. 10 (instead of 8). Part 2 ends with Ch. 16 (instead of 15). Part 3/Epilogue is Ch. 17.

Page counts . . . my starting point is a 539-page typescript. That's the length of it last December when I finished the last draft and handed it off to my reader. As I marked up the paper copy, I've kept a tally of estimated cuts--113 pages--and we'll see if that holds up as I input the changes.

In fact, I already have it down to 509 pages. Remember that a couple times during the "paper" process I did in fact go to the computer to manage the cutting and pasting better, so the changes have already been input on a handful of chapters. (8-10, 11-12, 14). So while my official starting point is 539 pages, the copy I just now pulled into shape and will start with tomorrow is 509 pages.

Word counts . . . I've stopped really paying attention to word counts like I did in the initial drafts, in favor of page counts now that it's on the computer. But for the record, my starting point is 163,700 words. (That's down from a high of about 175,000 back in about draft 4.) I suppose I'll cut about 20% in this draft. Estimate about 130,000.

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