Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Minus 106 pages through Ch. 12

Whew. Getting exhausted. Spring break came at exactly the right time--when I'm in the mood for putting in long days exclusively on the book. It's just brute force at this point, putting in the edits. Very little intellectual attention involved so I can put in a lot more hours.

Like I expected, the last chapters of Part 1 (8-10) were done, but I had forgotten about some pending changes in the start of Part 2 (11-12). I ended up tackling that this afternoon so I would still be set up the way I wanted for tomorrow and it was a little time consuming.

Like I say, the page counts are all screwy now that I'm in to this part of the book. Counting all 5 of these chapters (8-12) I'm now up to minus 106 pages off the 539 pages I originally started with. It stands at 433 pages now. I'm past the areas with the biggest cuts, so it's just dribs and drabs from here on. I'll end up in the neighborhood of 120 pages cut when I finish this, which will be I don't know when. I need to put in some time planning my classes for the second half of the semester.

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