Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Moving on

I'm going to declare myself done with the mess I'm creating in Chs. 8-10 and 14. I've reshuffled the material like I planned and written some kind of connective tissue for all of it. I have no idea if it's even intelligible at this point, so I think whatever else it needs is going to have to wait until the next time I come around to it.

That's not the next "draft" necessarily. I've always thought of this draft as the "read through" to mark up the typescript, which I'm nearing the end of now, and then inputting those changes on the electronic version. I assume when I'm inputting the changes I'll see more opportunity for improvement. These chapters will be a kind of special case and so will the changes I made to the first 3 chapters of Part 2 a few weeks ago, so I moved to the computer to cut and paste in the electronic version temporarily, so for all of that material the changes have already been put in. I guess when I'm coming back through I'll just read those chapters in order to see how they sound.

OK, next up--the last three chapters of the "read through." Finally. I thought I was going to be done with this a couple weeks ago. I'll finish by the end of this week for sure, maybe sooner. It will be nice to get away from this computer and back to the writing table again for a little bit.

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