Monday, July 6, 2009

Minus 14 pp. or minus 49 pp. depending how you look at it.

Many OCD page count has an apples-->oranges problem since I cut out a couple entire chapters. Counting only the careful work of revising chapters, I cut an additional 2 pp. out of Chapter 9 today, for a total of 14 pp. from that kind of work. But in reality, since I completely removed Chs. 8 and 10, this draft is currently 49 pp. shorter. I'll continue with the higher number from here on, understanding that the cuts have come from two methods--surgery and butchery.

I'm sitting on 344 pp. in typescript, so there's no need for me to worry at all about the overall length anymore. It is now officially short enough not to sweat it. I'm headed for about the equivalent of 280 pp. printed.

It's a lot easier to count beans than to judge if any of the edits are good. The work on Ch. 10 was really rough. I feel pretty shaky about it.

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