Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another round on the emotional carousel

I've written during previous drafts about the perfectly predictable cycle of despair, determination and doubtful relief. I went through that again in the last day, working on Chapter 14. I marked it up and thought, "Uh-oh, some of this doesn't look so good." I made my best tries to improve it on the computer and all I could see was gaping fractures. I left off that work as discouraged as I could be. It's like getting a case of the shakes during detox. Slept it off and made another try this morning and finished by thinking, "Whew, I thought I had bogged down in total shit, but maybe I saved it."

On to Chapter 15 tomorrow. Then 16. Then the epilogue. Then the gleaning work. By the end of next week for sure, probably sooner.

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