Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adding material back in

Well, I had a pleasant role reversal this morning -- the opportunity, and ability, to add material back in. I was reading through a short chapter, and, as I often do in the last couple of drafts, hit a spot where I longingly miss some section that I had cut out for the sake of the length (or because, however much I liked it, it wasn't necessary or didn't work.) But like I say, the overall length is no longer an issue, and at this spot, I felt like the part that I had cut out of a desperation to get the length down any way that I could would be a helpful to have around after all. I dug around in the previous drafts (on the computer, that is), found the relevant section -- about a half page of dialogue -- and pasted it back in there. It was sweet.

Since yesterday I've completed 2 more chapters -- through Ch. 14 -- and done a markup on 15, which has somewhat more extensive repairs needed to it still. The pace remains the same. If I have a clear day, I can do a little better than a chapter a day. The next couple days won't be clear, though.

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