Friday, February 25, 2011

Atmospheric Disturbances

I started on Rivka Gilchen's Atmospheric Disturbances last night. I can't remember why it's in my to-be-read pile. Was she one of the New Yorker 40 under 40 or something? Notable book of 2009? Anyway, whatever it was that recommended it to me, I've forgotten it, so this is one of those rare occasions when I'm starting a book with almost nothing in the way of preconceptions or expectations. I didn't even read the back cover summary. (I have it in paperback.) That''s an interesting kind of reading experience that I would like to explore more some other time. (A truly random experience is pretty difficult to create. It would probably, just based on the numbers out there, lead to some kind of genre fiction that I don't appreciate. I guess the books in my to-be-read pile are at least pre-screened to be literary fiction in some sense. And I know it's not a classic. The price sticker on it reminds me that I paid full price for it using a gift card to a store I don't normally go to because it's not nearby. All of those details do set up kinds of vague expectations.)

Anyway, I haven't read enough of it to say much about it except that so far it reminds me a lot of my first encounter with Paul Auster's New York trilogy. Which is a good thing. I liked those stories a lot when I first read them about fifteen years ago.

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