Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bringing down my average

5 note cards and 17 pages this morning.

Well, I take back what I said about it being comparatively easy in the remainder of the draft. I've hit a section that needs a lot of thinking. That will bring my average down, but I still think my revised goal of 4 weeks for this draft is doable. It depends on how much I get bogged down in this section.

What I'm working on is the transition between Part I and Part II in the story at about the 60% mark, and in my first draft it's a really crummy transition. I seem to resolve everything of importance at the end of Part I and don't really have any feeling of suspense going to pull into Part II. Then the start of Part II is working in a really mechanical way to put all the pieces in place to create some suspense for the rest of the book. It all works like two different stories that are forced into partnership rather than two parts of a whole.

I'm counting on it being fixable, but I'll have to take my time, not worry about schedules, and really bear down on it. It's too easy to take shortcuts and talk yourself into the idea that it's working. That's how the first draft got written to begin with.

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