Friday, February 11, 2011

Moving scenes around

The pace has slowed, because I'm in a section needing a lot of attention, but I'm getting good work done. About 13 pp. today, plus about 5 pages or so that were cut out. 4 note cards. I'm on pg. 201 and therefore 2/3 of the way through it. After this section, the pace should pick up all the way through the end I think. I have 2 weeks left to my target deadline, and I really think 1 week should do it if I'm aggressive.

I had a very uncommon satisfying experience today of moving a scene. Sounds simple, but honestly I don't know how other writers do it so cavalierly. You read interviews with authors who talk about getting the whole plot onto note cards, stringing the note cards a clothes line and moving them around like a jigsaw puzzle. I always find that any given scene is so thick with elements key to that moment in the story's development that it is impossible to move the whole scene to someplace else.

But I did come across a situation like that today -- one whole scene that could move as-is to another spot and really ought to be in another spot for the sake of flow. It was so gratifying to do the cut and paste and see that it fit right in there and then to swivel around to my bulletin board and move the appropriate note card. It made me feel like a pulp fiction writer.

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