Wednesday, February 23, 2011

(Not really) Done!

In the rawest sense, I'm "done" with this draft, having reached the end of the material this morning. That's in slightly under 4 weeks, which was my modified deadline, cut down from the original 6 week deadline.

It feels good to get to the end like that, but it's kind of a cheat and so I'm not not declaring myself officially done with this draft yet. I went flying by some pretty serious problems that it makes sense for me to bear down on before circling around to the beginning of the book again. I'll give myself as much time as it takes, but, especially since I have some interruptions coming from my paying work, let's say it's roughly a week.

So that would make in the neighborhood of 5 weeks total. Pretty good pace and pretty good estimates I made.

Here's hoping I actually am able to make improvements in the next few sessions. I'm still very worried about the stuff I mentioned yesterday.

I still love my ending, by the way. It's a risky ending that might not work for some readers, but I get a kick out of it.

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