Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to work, but not feeling great about it

Back from the long weekend and trying to crank up the pace again. At the start of the morning, I basically had two major sections left -- the climax and the denouement. (The climax is really a "false peak" as discussed a few months ago when I was drafting it.) I anticipated few problems with the first and several problems with the second.

So I got through that false peak section today in one go -- 42 pages and 8 note cards. Great.

But it was a dispiriting experience. This was drafted most recently and therefore had the most nasty surprises in it. Going through it I found a lot of problems that seem pretty challenging. Actually what they seem is fatal.

I guess I'm going to have to get past that attitude -- buckle down and figure out what it will take to make it good. And part of that is going to involve stopping the clock watching. I'm not going to finish this draft this week and probably not next week either. I need to forget about that and focus on the work and take is much time as it needs.


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