Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Falling behind schedule

Well, now I'm thinking that it's not going to happen in 4 weeks. (End of next week.) I am working hard and making progress, but I've run into an area that is more time consuming than I calculated, and I'm hitting a point in my paying work where I'll have to take a couple days off. Plus another day I know of for personal business.


I'm working in this 40 page section that has so many moving parts to it and where so many elements of the story come together before launching toward the resolution. And it's like a house of cards where moving one thing requires a lot of rebuilding. It's interesting, but . . .

But I've put this totally unimportant and arbitrary timeline on myself that contributes to my sense of impatience. If I could forget that, I would be better off. I have to remind myself that there's nothing actually going wrong here. I'm working on my novel every day, just like I want. It's happening.

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